Since the election in November there has been great uncertainty about how the federal government will enforce cannabis laws in states that have regulated medical and/or adult use cannabis. In late February a spokesperson indicated that we should expect to see “increased enforcement.” At this time it is unclear what (if any) steps the federal government will take to follow through on this comment. However, we shouldn’t wait. We can take action today to send a clear message to law enforcement–not only federal, but also state and local–that here in California our laws trump federal laws.


To: Assembly member Jones-Sawyer

RE: Support for AB 1578

Here in California there are plenty of disagreements about how to move forward with regulating cannabis. However, there is widespread agreement that the federal government should not enforce its laws on businesses that are complying with state laws and regulations.

Assembly member Jones-Sawyer: we applaud your efforts to prohibit state and local agencies from cooperating with federal law enforcement. We support your legislation–AB 1578–and we look forward to working with you to strengthen this proposal and to ensure that compliant California cannabis business owners are not subject to federal law enforcement action.