What Does Weed Smell Like and Why You Need Cannabis Odor Control?


Marijuana is a plant with many different names and smells depending on the region in which it is grown. It’s also called by many other names such as “reefer,” “pot,” “grass,” or “marijuana.”

The plants that produce marijuana plants come in different varieties that each have their own unique smell. Some varieties of marijuana plants will give off a sweet odor while others will give off an earthy smell.

If you want your marijuana to smell good, you can try drying it out so it loses moisture and dries out. You can also put your marijuana in a dark, cool, and dry environment for about two weeks so the moisture evaporates and leaves behind a more potent smell.

You can also put some coffee beans or spices in with your marijuana to give off a more fruity and spicy smell.

However, you want to make sure that if you’re growing your own marijuana, it won’t be obvious that the strong odor is coming from your home and not just the neighborhood. You don’t want people knocking on your door asking for free samples of the plants.

For this reason, you should ensure that your plants are cultivated in a place with an odor-proof room or an outside area covered by trees. You don’t want your plants exposed to too much light either as it will accelerate the growth of the plant and its smell.

The more you know about the different types of marijuana plants, the better you can understand how to make your own marijuana smell good.

How Does A Marijuana Plant Smell?

The cannabis plant has a unique scent that can be both subtle and pungent. Many describe its aroma as earthy with hints of sweetness. It is most pungent when the cannabis is cultivated in an indoor setting, where there are many factors that can influence the marijuana’s smell.

The most important factor that affects how cannabis smells is the type of growing system being used. To preserve the most earthy goodness, hydroponic growers are advised to reduce the use of chemical additives and limit fertilizers to natural sources like fish or seaweed extractions.

Many people are getting caught up in wanting to have a marijuana plant that has a strong odor, so they over-fertilize their plants with synthetic fertilizers that are made of petroleum byproducts. This is especially prevalent in soil growers that are trying to get into the indoor hydroponic scene or introducing electricity into an outdoor garden for the first time.

Common methods used to help mask the smell of marijuana include using charcoal filters on ventilation systems, burning incense, and lighting scented candles. To cover up the smell even further, you can introduce other odors into your room. Cinnamon, peppermint, and lemon scents are all good choices due to their holiday-like associations with the winter season.

How To Make Your Marijuana Smell Like Christmas?

Marijuana growers often love the smell of their crops and want to make them as fragrant and aromatic as possible. But what if you don’t like the marijuana scent? That’s not a problem! There are plenty of ways to make your weed smell good. If you grow your own plants, choose an aromatic strain. This can make it smell like whatever you want! Here are some tips to make your marijuana smell good.

Tricks For Making Your Marijuana Smell Good

– Chop It Up: If you’re growing, chop up the plants before they flower and while their petals are still on. Buds that haven’t fully formed yet will release more scents than already bloomed buds. Once the buds have opened, it’s much harder to make them smell good.

– Create a More Purrfect Environment: Where you store your marijuana makes a huge difference when it comes to the scent! Mini-fridges and airtight humidors are great because they keep in moisture and protect your plants from the environment. This helps all the smells combine and create an even stronger scent.

– Use a Filter: If you don’t already have one, invest in some activated carbon, which helps neutralize the smell of marijuana by trapping the particles inside. A carbon filter can be used with your lights, vents, or anything else that emits an odor. One good trick is to buy cheap potpourri and put it next to your carbon filter. You’ll get a great scent with the benefit of trapping in the marijuana smell.

– Cotton Bacon: It’s another way to trap in scents! Cut the cotton cloth into rectangles and place them around your plants so the fabric absorbs any smells from being released.

Of course, not everyone likes smelly marijuana – but these tips can change that! These tricks are the most popular ways to trap in smells and make marijuana smell better. Using them will also improve your growing environment, which leads to healthier plants too.

Marijuana is a smelly plant – it’s typically grown indoors so you’ll want to find several creative ways to keep it from smelling up your house! If you’re frustrated with the way your weed smells, try out these tips and tricks. They’ll enhance your growing experience and leave you with a delightful scent that makes people wonder: how do you make marijuana smell like Christmas?

What Are The Most Common Cannabis Scents?

The most popular cannabis scents that are available in the market include:

  • Grape Punch
  • GSC
  • Durban Poison
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Silver Haze
  • White Widow

These scents have been made with a combination of different essential oils.

The Grapes of Wrath is another popular choice among marijuana smokers. It has an old-world aroma that includes top notes of grapefruit and lime, with hints of lemon sorbet and pink pepper. The sweet candy-like scent can be used to mask the unappealing smell of weed while also boosting your mood.


As you can see, there are many ways to make your marijuana smell good. We hope that this article has given you some ideas and inspiration for how to create the perfect scent for your marijuana.

If not, let us know in the comments below! As always, we’re here if you need help with any of these methods or want more information on cannabis marketing best practices.

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