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Hezekiah Allen is the Executive Director of the California Growers Association. He was born and raised off-the-grid in rural Humboldt County. Allen is an active community leader for the cannabis community in which he was raised. Through lobbying and public affairs programs, Allen works to protect the interests of a broad statewide membership made of several hundred growers and business owners.

As a senior subject matter specialist and one of the most knowledgeable advocate supporting the transition from California’s non-profit and medical marijuana programs to a for-profit full recreational program, Allen acts as a liaison and voice for the existing, and vast, California cultivation community. Allen studied Politics & Government at Pacific University and has worked successfully in government relations on a state, national and international level. Now he is dedicated to improving the conditions for the California cannabis industry and its shift toward a legal recreational market for profit that will place it at the epicenter of the entire industry for the globe. Allen has a special skillset for consensus-building and the leadership necessary to bring together diverse coalitions and community organizations that advance the challenging issues of our day.