Cottage Cultivation

The state’s smallest farmers were overlooked in landmark state legislation signed by Gov. Brown in October of 2015. The state legislature should take action in 2016 to ensure licenses are available for cannabis businesses of all types and sizes.

Cottage cultivators are a cherished part of our heritage in California. Our craft farms represent a unique value. But the legacy of cottage and subsistence cultivation is now inadvertently at risk. The smallest cannabis growers have been left without a license.

As we implement the landmark legislation, we can’t forget about the most vulnerable people in our industry. Under last years legislation, there’s no license for the subsistence farmer. That’s where our industry came from. And it is how many farmers today choose to operate.

Please, give California’s smallest cannabis growers a fighting chance.

Support the creation of a unique license category for cottage cultivators. Ensure licensing fees stay low. And explore possibilities to increase market access for small growers.