Vaporization: Why You Should Vape CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that has significant medical benefits. CBD vaporization has become increasingly popular in the past few years because it offers an enjoyable and convenient way to take CBD. This article will discuss CBD, how it affects your body, why vaping is the best way to consume it, and much more!

Understanding CBD Bioavailability

First, let’s talk about what CBD is.

CBD is one of 80+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. That makes it challenging to generalize how each cannabinoid will affect you because they all interact with your body uniquely. The most common way people get cannabinoids into their bodies is by either smoking or vaping them (this includes edibles). If you’re not familiar with the difference between smoking/vaping, here’s a quick explanation:

Smoking Cannabis – When you smoke weed, its effects are felt within seconds but also wear off just as quickly. This means that if you smoke CBD, you’re going to feel its effects almost immediately, and then it’ll be over after about an hour or so. There are some medical benefits to smoking cannabis that you won’t get from vaping CBD (because not all cannabinoids are created equally), but the immediate effects of inhaling CBD aren’t as pronounced as they would be if you were to vape it.

Vaping Cannabis – Vaping is a healthier way to ingest marijuana because it doesn’t burn any plant matter, making combustion unnecessary. That means there’s no smoke and significantly less lung irritation. It also means that your body doesn’t have to work as hard to process THC, which may result in a more potent high for some medical marijuana patients. Although vaping isn’t completely necessary for CBD, many people enjoy the process because of its immediacy and discreteness.

As mentioned above, one of the main benefits associated with CBD is its bioavailability. Bioavailability is defined as the degree and rate at which an administered substance is absorbed by the body’s circulatory system. When it comes to CBD, this means how effective it’ll be once consumed. Fortunately for us, not all cannabinoids are created equally! CBD has shown to be up to six times more bioavailable than THC (the cannabinoid responsible for weed’s psychoactive effects). Here’s what that looks like:

THC – 6% – 15%

CBD – Loosely 70%

It should immediately become clear why vaping CBD is so much more effective than smoking it. Just look at the numbers! If you’re looking for instant relief without feeling high, vaping CBD would be ideal because of its maximum bioavailability.

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Best CBD Products And Their Bioavailability

Now that you understand how CBD works and why it’s important to vape let’s discuss the best CBD products on the market and their bioavailability!

CBD Oil Tincture

Oil tinctures are composed of carrier oils, which can either be hemp seed oil, olive oil, or MCT oil (coconut oil extract) mixed with high-quality CBD concentrate. The good thing about CBD tinctures is that they’re discreet and easy to consume; just put a few drops under your tongue or add them to your morning coffee! The downside, however, is bioavailability. CBD oil tinctures are around 15-25% bioavailable, while some vape juices are up to 70%. It’s also not ideal because taking CBD orally can result in inconsistent absorption.

CBD E-Liquid

If you struggle with vaping, then e-liquids are an excellent alternative for you. E-liquid mimics all of the benefits of smoking weed without any of the harmful side effects associated with combustion. Like most vape juice, it contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Compared to CBD shatter, CBD e-liquid is around 35% bioavailable. However, its consistency makes it ideal for vaping in most vape pens or portable vaporizers.


CBD wax is the least bioavailable option because it’s just highly refined hemp oil. It has a high concentration of CBD, which makes it great for vaping, but it lacks the additional terpenes that make each variety of shatter unique (in our opinion). As such, if you’re looking to get high (because you can’t with CBD), then wax would be your best option. Just make sure you purchase full-spectrum wax; this will ensure that no cannabinoids are lost during the extraction process.

Wax Vape Pen

If you’re looking for something simple, then there’s nothing better than a traditional wax vape pen. Wax pens are typically equipped with a chamber that’s filled up with wax, making them incredibly convenient for vaping on the go. These types of vape pens are great for newbies because most of them use automatic batteries. There is no complicated temperature control to worry about, just load the chamber and go!

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What about dosage?

Contrary to popular belief, CBD doses aren’t as important as THC ones because CBD doesn’t get you high (at least at reasonable dosages). Because of this, many vapes tout their ability to give users consistent dosing because they can deliver small amounts over and over without affecting results.

The final argument for vaping CBD is that it’s convenient. There are many different types of CBD products, but most of them are pretty simple to use! Just put the product in your mouth and start sucking (that’s not really what you do).

How To Maximize CBD’s Effects When Vaping?

Vaping CBD comes with some additional benefits you won’t get from other methods of taking it. First, inhaling CBD has a faster onset time than orally administering it, so the effects are felt sooner. Vaping is also more efficient because you’re only heating the oil to the point of vaporization. This means that vaping CBD will be more bioavailable than eating it because less CBD will be broken down during digestion, thus, making its effects last longer.

To conclude,

There are many methods of getting the benefits of CBD, but vaping has become one of the most popular ways to get fast-acting relief. This delivers CBD straight into your lungs, where absorption happens quickly, but it also bypasses first-pass metabolism, which means you avoid ingesting any unnecessary carcinogens or other toxins that might be present in smoke! We hope you found this article helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below!

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