CBD Rosin — Everything You Need to Know

There’s rarely a dull moment on the CBD market. Always in flux, it brings new things for enthusiasts to try out every single day. Today we’re looking into CBD rosin, all its benefits, and the differences between this particular concentrate and other options that we’ve already gotten familiar with (such as wax, resin, and shatter).


Not that long ago, the CBD market was tiny. Only a few connoisseurs enjoyed the benefits of this natural remedy. However, as the laws changed, so did the demand. Finally, in 2018, thanks to the introduction of the Farm Bill, people were free to try everything that hemp has to offer. One of those things are the concentrates.


What Even Is CBD Rosin?

Rosin is an extract. Legal rosin became a reality only when the entire cannabis plant (flower included) became legal for consumption and use. 


Rosin is a concentrated compound of hemp. Its main feature is that it has no solvents or additives in it. Other extracts have complicated manufacturing processes, which include solvents such as hexane, butane, or other potentially toxic materials. Rosin doesn’t, which makes it far superior.


What’s more, CBD rosin is also quite simple to make. All we need to do is apply pressure and heat to the plant. Rosin is usually made from the flowers or even the entire plant.


CBD Rosin vs. Resin, Wax, and Shatter

Rosin, resin, wax, and shatter are all forms of concentrates. Concentrates contain high levels of specific compounds (such as CBD or terpenes, for example). Due to that, they are far more potent than other CBD and cannabis products. 


The main difference between CBD rosin and resin, wax, and shatter is that rosin doesn’t contain high THC levels and other psychoactive substances. This makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana users looking to reap the health benefits of CBD without necessarily enjoying the THC-induced high.


Furthermore, CBD rosin is easy to recognize, and it’s distinguishable from other forms of concentrate. 


  • Shatter has a glass-like consistency. It’s how it got the name, as it can shatter on impact if we drop it. It’s the most potent form of concentrates and can contain up to 90% of THC.
  • Wax also has high THC levels and a distinctive wax-like gooey appearance. It doesn’t have as long of a shelf-life as shatter does, though.
  • Resin is the naturally occurring crystal-like residue that usually clings to the base of the plant’s flowers. This residue is called trichomes, and it contains quite a few of the active compounds of the cannabis plant (such as cannabinoids and terpenes).


Unlike these three, CBD rosin doesn’t contain as many of the potent psychedelic compounds because the process of making it includes removing the THC-rich resin. It’s perhaps the least potent of the four concentrate forms, but it’s the safest one to use due to the manufacturing process.


Benefits of CBD Rosin

Generally speaking, CBD rosin has all the benefits that CBD has. However, it has specific advantages, at least to those of us who are looking more for health benefits than any other perks of cannabis concentrates.


  • No solvents — there are usually no residual chemicals in CBD rosin. It’s a pure, clean product that removes the possibility of ingesting toxic matter into your body.
  • Safe to produce — again, because CBD rosin’s production process doesn’t involve any chemicals, there’s no risk to making it.
  • Simple to make — all we really need to make CBD rosin is pressure and heat. We don’t really need any safety precautions or special equipment that goes along with making other forms of concentrates because the process doesn’t involve dangerous chemicals. We do need specialized equipment for making rosin, but it isn’t as complicated or expensive as the one for other forms of concentrates.
  • Won’t break your budget — because the equipment is so simple, even the high-end one won’t be too expensive. Then all we need to budget for is the plant, and we’re all set to make our own CBD rosin.
  • Highly concentrated and fast-acting — because it’s derived from non-psychoactive hemp, rosin contains no psychoactive compounds. However, it does contain highly concentrated CBD, which makes it more potent than other CBD products. And, due to that potency, it’s also very fast-acting.


A Few Parting Words


Overall, making CBD rosin is worthwhile for those who need a highly concentrated source of CBD. Because it’s affordable, safe, and simple to make, it’s an excellent choice even for those of us who are complete beginners.

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