CBD Oil for Aggressive Cats: Does It Help?

When you first notice your cat’s aggressive behavior, it may be challenging to know what is causing the problem. Cats are notoriously good at hiding their illnesses. Various factors can lead to aggression in cats, including pain, parasites, allergies, or even a medical condition that has gone untreated for too long. These are all problems that CBD Oil can help with! This article will outline how CBD Oil helps treat aggression and the other benefits this oil offers your feline friend!

Cats’ Aggression: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms

Aggression can be one of the most frustrating feline behaviors you’ll ever see. The best way to deal with aggressive behavior is to stop it before it becomes a problem. Even well-behaved loved pets will sometimes feel threatened and lash out at their owners or other animals in the home. If this happens, don’t punish your cat! This could make him even more aggressive towards you and other animals. Instead, remain calm so as not to escalate matters further.

Read on for causes, symptoms, and treatment options for aggression in cats!


  • Medical Conditions – Sometimes, aggression in cats is the result of an undiagnosed medical problem. For cats, pain can be a sign of disease or illness. When your cat feels pain, he may lash out at other animals or people to try and fend off their attacks. If you think your pet might be experiencing some type of pain, talk with your vet to explore treatment options for his discomfort.
  • Behavioral Problems – Feline behavior problems are also common causes of aggressive behavior in cats. While every pet will experience stress now and then, some take it much further than others. A lack of socialization as a kitten or young adult may cause abnormal behaviors in your kitty down the road. Cats are famous for marking their territory, but they may also keep the belongings of other pets to curb aggression towards themselves.

CBD Oil can be used as a one-stop-shop for this! CBD oil is non-psychoactive and offers multiple benefits to cats. It reduces pain, relieves stress, and even curbs aggressive behaviors caused by many factors. These include medical conditions, injuries, or mental health issues related to brain chemistry.


Cats who are acting aggressively will growl or hiss at any time – not just when they feel threatened. They might also swat with sharp claws during playtime activities that would typically be pleasurable for them. If your cat’s behavior escalates further than this level into full-on attacks, he may be more dangerous than you realize.

Cats who are under stress will often over-groom themselves. If you notice that your pet is licking at their fur frequently, it could be because they’re stressed out and trying to calm themselves down. This may also be a sign of allergies or parasites (like fleas) that need to be treated as soon as possible.

How do you treat cats’ aggression?

Don’t punish your cat or use fear-based training for aggression in cats! Punishing them after the fact will do nothing except increase their anxiety around you and other pets in the home. Instead, speak with your vet about therapies such as CBD oil which can help treat the underlying cause of feline aggression.

Best CBD Products for Cats

There are many options available when it comes to CBD products for aggressive cats. However, not all products are created equal! Here are some of the best products on the market today:

  • CBD Oil (Best Choice) – This is the most natural and effective option for cats who need CBD products. While there are many forms of CBD oil available, hemp oil is the best option. This provides a unique variety of cannabinoids and other plant-based nutrients that pets need to feel better.
  • CBD Tinctures – These are incredibly popular among pet owners. Many tinctures contain MCT oil, which is a common ingredient in coconut oil. It brings the same health benefits to your cat as humans, including faster absorption of CBD Oil and other beneficial cannabinoids!
  • CBD Edibles – If you prefer to give your pet something tasty to enjoy, CBD edibles fit the bill perfectly! These goodies look just like treats or candy – but they also provide powerful health benefits on top of being delicious.
  • High-CBD Cat Treats – High-CBD cat treats are another great option if you’re looking to avoid THC oils that could harm your pet. You can find many of these options online at local dispensaries today!

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How does CBD Oil help Treat Aggression?

CBD Oil can treat feline aggression by calming your cat down. When cats are under stress or feel pain, they lash out at other animals to try and stop the attacks on themselves. While this can be effective in some cases, it also creates tension between the cats involved. CBD Oil helps relieve stress which gives kitties more confidence around one another without fear of being attacked or injured!

CBD Oil is safe for all pets – even those who are pregnant! It’s produced from industrial hemp, which contains very low levels of THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). There is no chance that you’ll accidentally cause your pet to become high with these supplements!

How to give CBD oil to my cat?

CBD Oil for cats is non-psychoactive and can be given daily to cats in need of a mood boost. Cats have a heightened sense of smell, so they won’t be able to pick up on the hemp oil’s scent. It’s best to drop it directly into your cat’s mouth or onto their food before serving them breakfast or dinner.

CBD Oil Dosage Guide for Cats’ Aggression 

CBD treats aggression in cats by neutralizing their stress levels. CBD is very safe, but always ask your vet which amount of oil would be best to use for your pet!

1-3mg/10lb every 12 hours – This dosage gives your cat a calming effect without causing them to become overly sedated. Your kitty might not feel this effect immediately after taking it if they’re very agitated, so give the oil some time to work before you decide whether or not it’s working with their behavior.

1-5mg/10lb up to 3 times daily – If your cat has moderate anxiety or aggression issues, this dosage may help them calm down significantly more than the smaller dosage above. Be sure that you speak with your vet before giving this amount to your cat, as it could make their problems worse depending on the issue.

Over 5mg/10lb up to 3 times daily – This dosage is very similar to the previous one above. It works well for highly-stressed cats who need a strong dose of CBD Oil to relax. Speak with your vet about which dosage would be best for your pet!


CBD Oil is by far the best CBD product for cat aggression. Cats are known for being independent and aloof, but sometimes they can be aggressive or suffer from anxiety, leading to fear-based aggression. It’s important to understand that cats need a little extra help calming down when they’re feeling anxious. We’ve talked about how we might use other types of products in conjunction with CBD oil, like herbal remedies and natural supplements, because it’s hard to tell what your feline friend needs just by looking at them. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!

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