Blackberry Kush Strain: What to Expect, Medical Benefits, and Side Effects

The Blackberry Kush strain will bring back some fond memories for anyone who has ever stuffed their face with a bunch of blackberries. But don’t be fooled by its fruity name — this vigorous hybrid is potent enough to remain a favorite among medical and recreational marijuana users alike. Wondering why that is? Let’s find out!


Blackberry Kush Strain 101


We would love to say that this strain’s origin is clear, but alas, it’s not so simple. This Indica-heavy strain (Sativa 20% and Indica 80%) may be a cross between Bubba Kush or Afghani and Blackberry. On the other hand, it could be the cross of Afghani and DJ Short’s Blueberry that has given us this both delicious and fragrant strain.


Appearance-wise, this strain’s dense nugs are quite typical of Indica Kush and have dark green leaves. On top of that, the strain sports a purplish coating — very on-brand for something that tastes like blackberries.


Effects to Expect


The Blackberry Kush strain has soothing effects that kick in almost immediately, no matter how stressed or anxious we are at the moment. In fact, its sedating effects are so strong that it’s best if we smoke it near a comfy couch or bed — we may just need to lie down for a bit.


The mood it gets us in is pretty gnarly; it’s a sort of happiness we can only get from smoking a strain like this, and a euphoric high that isn’t too obtrusive. After smoking this strain, users feel relaxed, laid-back, and rather serene. That’s precisely what makes it a good choice before bedtime as well.


The aroma and flavor contribute to the experience, as it’s almost as if one is tasting some berries. The blackberry taste is most dominant when inhaling. Upon an exhale, it gets more earthy and sort of like diesel. Still, the sweet taste of berries will stay with you for a while, as it lingers on the tongue.


Health Benefits


Since the Blackberry Kush strain is able to relax even the most jittery among us, it’s often prescribed to those dealing with anxiety and stress. It’s the perfect strain to toke after a hard day’s work, and when we can afford to spend hours on the couch totally relaxed. On top of that, there are some indications that it may help with nausea and lack of appetite, which can also be linked to psychological issues.


In case we’re also fighting chronic pain, depression, and insomnia, Blackberry Kush is, again, a good option. Since it can relax the muscles, it may help with any painful muscle spasms the user is experiencing. Naturally, given its ability to relax the whole body, including the brain, it may lull them into sleep faster.


Side Effects


If Blackberry Kush strain is on the menu, we better prepare for some slightly uncomfortable side effects. Though not dangerous, cottonmouth and dehydration may ruin the experience in the end. Some users also report slight headaches and dizziness, for which we can blame the strain’s high THC content (16–20%). That can also make us a bit paranoid, especially if we have taken more than we can actually handle.


How to Grow Blackberry Kush


We can grow this strain both outdoors and indoors, though the latter is often a better option. When growing it outside, it flowers by mid-October. The strain is able to yield 25–42 oz of buds per plant in that case. However, there’s a downside — this mold-resistant plant is still prone to spider mite and fungus damage.


When grown indoors, Blackberry Kush blooms fast, in about seven to nine weeks. In those settings, it can produce 14–18 oz of buds/m2. Still, we would have to pay close attention to the conditions, such as the humidity and its magnesium intake. It can suffer from magnesium deficiency, and the humidity mustn’t be too high. Otherwise, the plant may not get enough nutrients.


Final Thoughts


Though its CBD content is somewhat disappointing (only 0.4%), the high THC percentage, almost instant effects, and the deep relaxation it inspires have definitely allowed the Blackberry Kush strain to stay in demand. Just keep in mind that it’s a late-night, almost bedtime strain that relaxes the whole body and even the mind. As such, it will get you nicely sedated — but definitely not excited to go out and party.

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