Reinstate the “total acreage cap”

Dear friends, neighbors and community members:

It is a well known fact that California is an agricultural powerhouse. We supply the nation and the world with hundreds of agricultural products. One of them is cannabis. Unlike every other crop, cannabis can only be legally sold in California. This is a significant challenge for everyone–from farmers to policy makers.

The challenges of regulating cannabis will be much more severe if we open the flood gates to large scale mega grows too quickly. That is why the state legislature did not include licenses larger than 1 acre in the MMRSA in 2015 or the MCRSA in 2016. That is why Prop 64 delayed the issuance of large scale license until 2023. That is why the Environmental Impact Report didn’t consider grows larger than an acre.

For these reasons I support policies that would restrict each business to a maximum of one acre of cultivation until 2023.